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Janet’s Music

has the philosophy that “Music is Fun!” With the love of music and working with children permeates enjoyable lessons. Lessons provided are of the highest quality, allowing each child to develop fully whilst enjoying their learning experience. Lesson books used are written specifically to suit students of primary age, older students and adult students.

More than just lessons

Janet’s Music provides an effective system of learning that encourages students to excel through the following methods:

1. Piano assessments and written progress reports each semester.

2. Home practice incentive scheme – certificates and rewards are  awarded for completion of each level and good assessment results.

3. Incentive Learning Programme – Certificates for Outstanding student in Music Pieces and Outstanding student in Technical Work.

4. Annual Recital / Concert for the students' performance in a formal setting.

5. A trophy awarded to the student who accumulated the most house points and a party celebration for the winning House team.

6. Mini Scholarships awarded to Level 2 Distinction students in the AMEB examinations for practical and theory.​

7. Students’ Performance workshop with CD recording.

8. Students’ participation in the Junior Music Festival in Burwood.

The benefits of children learning music include:

1. Better concentration, memory and co-ordination.

2. Positive brain development.

3. Increased discipline in study habits.

4. Improvement of skills, development of self-expression and creativity.

5. Overall greater confidence.

The aim of Janet’s Music lessons is to develop the musician and love of music in children. Through the carefully structured program, children learn to read music and develop the skills in theory, rhythm, technique and performance. Above all, Janet’s Music who is passionate and committed recognises the vital importance that music can play in a child’s development.


Janet's Music
Studio and Travelling Teachers for Children and Adults


. Vitaliy - teaches at in Janet's Bardwell Valley studio on Saturdays, and at students' homes on weekdays and weekends.


. Vitaliy teaches early childhood music, for ages between three to six years, and adult and children practical piano, guitar, bass, double bass, theory of music, Aural and Sight Reading training and preparation for competitions.

 Janet  - teaches atBardwell Valley Studio on weekdays and Saturdays - for Adults and Children:​

.  Janet - teaches early childhood music for ages between three to six, piano lessons for children and adults, music theory, sight reading and aural training, HSC music performance and preparation for competitions.

Tiffany - teaches in students' homes in the St. George area on weekdays and weekends.

. Tiffany teaches children for practical piano and theory of music.

Rock Star of the Term Award


A new program at Janet’s Music in 2013 will be the “Rock Star of the Term” award.

Please speak to your teacher if you require more repertoire to participate in this program.
Repertoire can be from any source – example; exam syllabus, internet, any leisure books, John Thompson, Alfred’s, Aaron; and a very good one is the combination pieces / study from Hanon, Heller, Czerny, Burgmuller, Kabalevsky, Clementi, etc.


This is to motivate students to improve their "sight reading" skills in a quicker and easier way and to keep students learning new pieces during holidays, throughout the year.

Students will receive the “Rock Star of the Term” award.

This program will be ongoing for the whole year, and the 4 terms include:

First term – Dec./Jan. holidays to the end of the first school term
Second term – April holidays to the end of the second school term
Third term – July holidays to the end of the third school term
Fourth term – Sept./Oct. holidays to the end of the fourth school term

Your teacher will accumulate the number of new songs you have completely learnt (performed fluently, rhythmically, with dynamics and correct articulations) in the current term.

When the student has completed 10 new pieces, well played, he or she will receive the “Rock Star” award.

Qualifying requirements for each term:

10 New Music Pieces each term:-

Beginner & Preliminary - 10 pieces (includes preliminary and beginner gr)
First grade - 10 pieces (includes first, preliminary & beginner)
Second grade - 10 pieces (includes second, first, preliminary, Advanced beginner gr)
Third grade - 10 pieces (includes third, second, first & preliminary gr)
Fourth grade - 10 pieces (includes fourth, third, second & first gr)
Fifth grade - 10 pieces (includes fifth, fourth, third & second gr)
Sixth grade - 10 pieces (includes sixth, fifth, fourth & third gr)
Seventh grade - 10 pieces (includes seventh, sixth, fifth & fourth gr)
Eighth grade - 10 pieces (includes eighth, seventh, sixth & fifth gr)

The pieces are to be performed fluently, rhythmically, with dynamics and correct articulations.

Students will receive the “Rock Star of the Term” award, have their name published in Janet’s Music website news / page, and receive 30 bonus points.


A very interesting event at Janet's Music Piano Recital in the city. The performers were dressed up according to the character of the piece.​
The recital was held at a neo - classical building with good acoustics.​
There were 51 items of performance on the nine foot long concert grand piano, which was a one time studio piano for the ten television network.​
Janet's Music annual piano recital has always been the highlight amongst other events throughout the year.


​​There are ten percent scholarships for Piano, Music Craft or Theory of Music students.

Piano Scholarship – Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Grade​

Scholarship for students from Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Grade Piano – Classical or Leisure syllabus.

In order to qualify for a ten percent discount on the term lesson fees (practical lesson fees) for four school terms:​

· The student must obtain either Honours (A) or High Distinction (A+) for the Fifth grade piano exam – Classical or Leisure syllabus. The same applies for the Seventh grade or Eighth grade scholarships, the student must obtain either Honours (A) or High Distinction (A+) for the Sixth grade or Seventh grade piano exam.

Music Craft and Theory of Music Scholarship – Fourth Grade​
Scholarship for Fourth Grade Theory students - Music Craft or Theory of Music syllabus.

In order to qualify for a ten percent discount on the Fourth grade term lesson fees (music craft or theory of music lesson fees) for four school terms:​

· The student must obtain either Honours (A) or High Distinction (A+) for the Third grade Music Craft or Theory of Music syllabus.

The scholarships are given only to the particular students who obtained the Honours or High Distinction but not for the rest of the siblings in the same family. The scholarship will only be given for either Theory or Practical, depending on which syllabus the student obtained the Honours or High Distinction.​
However, the student will qualify for both scholarships in Theory and Practical if Honours or High Distinction were obtained in both syllabus.

The above scholarships are designed to motivate students to work towards achieving high grades in their practical and theory examinations.

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